Dear Abled* Folks

I know most of you really* don’t care or give much thought to folks living with disAbilities, I know I sure didn’t until I acquired one of my very own.  I am learning continually about this new existence, and I thought maybe a few of you out there would take a chance and come along  with me …disAbility  (btw, This* is how I choose to spell dis-Abled no, I am not having a stroke, nor am I making toast)…my apologies, that* was crip humour. a journey…and trust me it’s a destination as well… So, here goes…

You may have questions, I may* have answers, but I have spent my time watching other folks and thinking about perceptions and realities.  Society teaches us that folks with disAbilities are to be seen as “other” and are not to be engaged with socially as we were taught (Back in the Day) that disAbled  folks won’t engage with You either, or maybe you were taught that you might contract whatever *those* people suffer from. It was  only true if one happened to have a cold okay?

Caveat* : Some of you will or will not appreciate my sense of dry gallows humour, but, so be it it’s all part of the package. what you see, is indeed what you will get.

~Crip Out~







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